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Undergraduate Catalog 
Undergraduate Catalog


Donald W. Reynolds Center, Room 205 | (501) 916-3484ualr.edu/management


Hall, John, Professor


Leonard, Karen

Tudor, Thomas

Varela, Otmar E.

Gilliam, David

Woolridge, Richard

Associate Professors:

Bajwa, Naeem

Felan, Joe T.

Assistant Professors:

Boss, Alan

Zhao, Yue

Senior Instructor: Hendon, John R.

The program offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management . There are three emphases within the management major.

Emphasis Areas

  1. Management
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Three minors are offered to students majoring in fields outside the School of Business:


  1. Management Minor  
  2. Human Resource Management Minor  
  3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor  

*NOTE: All the emphasis areas and minors in the Management program are offered both on-campus and in a fully-online format.

For more information about the online options, go to ualr.edu/online.

General Information

All majors in the program are required to achieve a grade of C or greater in all courses required in their major; all majors must also complete all required pre-business and professional business courses with an overall GPA of 2.0; all non-business majors completing a minor within the program are required to achieve a grade of C or greater in all courses transferred to or taken at UA Little Rock in order to fulfill course requirements in the minor block of courses.

Management Emphases

Each of the three emphases in the major develops critical thinking, specialized conceptual knowledge, and problem-solving techniques.

Management Emphasis

The Management emphasis prepares students for professional positions in management and leadership in small businesses, corporations, and government. Students gain knowledge and skills to acquire positions such as general manager, account manager, project manager/specialist, operations manager, human resource manager/specialist, employee relations manager, employee benefits specialist, and training specialist.

Human Resource Management Emphasis

The Human Resource Management emphasis focuses on the development of knowledge and applied skills in managing people and solving people-related problems. Students are prepared for entry-level careers in human resource management and for management roles in organizations of all sizes. Components of the program include the legal environment of employee relations; job analysis and design; employee planning, recruitment and selection; employee training and development; employee productivity improvement, compensation, and other reward systems; union-management relations; and quality of work life.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Emphasis

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship emphasis develops conceptual and applied skills required to produce and manage an economically successful small business. Entrepreneurial and practical decision-making skills are enhanced through experiential activities.

Management Educational Goals

Students completing the management degree should be able to:

  • Apply critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate competence in applying functional business knowledge.
  • Solve real-world and/or simulated business problems.
  • Display a global perspective and an understanding of cultural issues.
  • Have an ethical perspective and behave ethically.
  • Exhibit effective oral and written communication skills.

Minors in Management

A grade of C or greater in all UA Little Rock or transfer courses is required in order to fulfill a course requirement in each of these minor blocks of courses.


    Bachelor of Business AdministrationMinorCertificate of Proficiency