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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [OFFICIAL CATALOG]

Department of Chemistry

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Science Lab, Room 451 | (501) 569-3152 | (501) 569-8838 (fax) | ualr.edu/chemistry

Chairperson: Berry, Brian C.,
Associate Professor
Professors: Belford, Robert E.
Darsey, Jerry A.
Ghosh, Anindya
Hudson, M. Keith
Viswanathan, Tito
Zhao, Wei
Associate Professors: Jones, Darin E.
Assistant Professor: Siraj, Noureen
Wang, Shanzhi
Instructors: Douglas, Marian S.
Kattoum, Ronia
Research Assistants: Wells, M. Estelle
McNerlin, Michael

The department is organized with the following objectives in view:

  • to increase the general cultural background of all students;
  • to prepare chemistry majors for graduate study, industrial work, or positions with professional ratings in government service;
  • to provide the basic training for professional students in medicine, dentistry, engineering, pharmacy, and other professional fields; and
  • to prepare high school chemistry teachers.

General Information

The department’s bachelor of science degree is certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Students earning this degree will be certified to the ACS for full membership on graduation. The department sponsors a student affiliate chapter of the ACS. Any student enrolled in a program of study leading to a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a related discipline is eligible for membership. The chapter serves as a focal point for those interested in the field of chemistry and offers them opportunities for practical experience and professional contacts.

Admission Requirements

The department welcomes students to the bachelor of arts (B.A.) and bachelor of science (B.S.) programs of study who express an interest, demonstrate an aptitude and are dedicated to pursuing excellence in their studies. Most applicants will have at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average in their college work. They will have earned a grade of C or greater in College Algebra, its equivalent, or a more advanced mathematics course. They will have earned grades of B or greater in CHEM 1400  & CHEM 1401  or equivalents, or a grade of C or greater in CHEM 1402  or equivalent. Aptitude and dedication can also be demonstrated by presenting exceptional science and mathematics preparation in high school.

Honors Program in Chemistry

The department also offers an honors program in chemistry. To graduate with honors a student must

  1. maintain an overall grade point average of 3.20 or greater,
  2. maintain a grade point average of 3.20 or greater in chemistry courses,
  3. complete at least four credit hours of a faculty-directed laboratory research project and present the findings in a scientific meeting or departmental seminar, and
  4. meet ACS certification requirements.

Major in Chemistry

The BS in chemistry requires at least 34 hours in chemistry above the freshman level including CHEM 2310 , CHEM 2311 , CHEM 3150 , CHEM 3170 , CHEM 3171 , CHEM 3250 , CHEM 3340 , CHEM 3350 , CHEM 3351 , CHEM 3370 , CHEM 3371 , CHEM 4190 , CHEM 4340 , and CHEM 4411 . Required courses outside of the chemistry department are PHYS 2321 , PHYS 2121 , PHYS 2322 , PHYS 2122 , and MATH 1451 , MATH 1452 , MATH 2453 . Additional requirements for ACS certification are six credit hours of advanced chemistry courses to include CHEM 4320 /CHEM 4120  Biochemistry with Lab, two hours of undergraduate research, and a three-hour upper-level mathematics course. A second language or a computer language is encouraged but not required. A minor is not required for this curriculum.

The BA in chemistry is offered for premedical, predental, pre-pharmacy, and pre-veterinary students, teachers, and others. Requirements for this degree include the Core Requirements, 26 hours above the freshman level including CHEM 2310 , CHEM 2311 , CHEM 3150 , CHEM 3151 , CHEM 3340 , CHEM 3350 , CHEM 3351 , CHEM 3572 , CHEM 4190 , and three hours of upper-level chemistry electives. Required courses in Physics are PHYS 1321 , PHYS 1121 , PHYS 1322 , PHYS 1122 . MATH 1451  is the only required mathematics courses, but one or two semesters of calculus are strongly recommended. A minor in biology is recommended for this program.

Teacher Licensure in Science Education

This concentration is designed to prepare students for certification in education. Chemistry is the major emphasis and this program meets the requirements for a BA in chemistry. Earth sciences is the secondary emphasis as prescribed by Arkansas law.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must meet all degree requirements. In addition, transfer students must successfully complete at UA Little Rock a minimum of six hours of upper-level chemistry courses for a major in chemistry or three hours of upper-level chemistry courses for a minor in chemistry.

Options in Freshman Chemistry

Students planning to enroll in CHEM 1402  must meet the minimum score on a placement exam. The placement exam is offered through Testing Services. Students must take it prior to attempting to enroll in CHEM 1402 . The department’s website at ualr.edu/chemistry has information on how to take the exam.

Students who have had two units of high school algebra and high school chemistry and meet the minimum score on the chemistry placement test should start with CHEM 1402  and CHEM 1403 .

Students who have had no high school chemistry and have a weak high school mathematics background but are interested in a pre-professional or science degree should take CHEM 1300 , CHEM 1402 , and CHEM 1403 .

Students whose major field requires only eight hours of freshman chemistry should take CHEM 1400  and CHEM 1401 . This sequence will prepare a student to take CHEM 2450 - Organic Survey , but not other upper-level chemistry courses.

Graduate Programs

The department also offers the master of arts and the master of science degrees in chemistry and cooperates with the Applied Science Program in offering the applied science Ph.D. in applied chemistry. Consult the UA Little Rock Graduate Catalog for a description of these programs, as well as policies governing UA Little Rock graduate programs.

Academically talented undergraduate chemistry students may schedule courses on an accelerated basis and enroll in selected graduate courses in their senior year. Students may receive a master’s degree one year after completing the BS degree. This program is an option only for students who have excellent academic records for the first three years of undergraduate study and have completed the suggested 108 hours of undergraduate work through the junior year. Permission for early enrollment in graduate courses in the senior year must be obtained from the dean of the Graduate School on the recommendation of the department chairperson. Students registered for graduate credit in dual-listed (4000/5000) courses are responsible for additional assigned work. Details of the bachelor’s/master’s program, including a suggested five-year sequence, are available from the chemistry department office.


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    Bachelor of ScienceMinor

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