Nov 26, 2022  
UA Little Rock Academic Publications 
UA Little Rock Academic Publications

University Contacts

 Publication and University Contacts  Resources for Faculty and Staff

Publication and University Contacts

Undergraduate Catalog

Questions about Undergraduate Catalog? Contact the Provost Office

Graduate Catalog

Questions about Graduate Catalog? Contact the Graduate School.

Law School Curriculum

Contact the William H. Bowen School of Law at Contact Bowen.

Faculty Handbook

Questions, comments, or suggestions about the Faculty Handbook? Contact the Provost Office.

University Offices

Do you have a question about admissions, class registration, payments or refunds, financial aid, scholarships, or something else? Contact them at Contact Student Affairs.

Additional Contacts

Search all UA Little Rock employees and departments in the University Directory


Resources for Faculty and Staff

Academic Catalogs

Error Reporting

Found an error? Report it at Catalog Error Reporting.

What’s New?

All approved curriculum items for the catalog’s academic year are listed under What’s New.

Changing Program and Courses

Faculty who wish to introduce new curriculum or updates to current curriculum can start at Curriculum Change Process.

User Guides

User Guide Faculty Resources

                        Catalog User Guide                                       Curriculum and Catalog Guide