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Graduate Catalog 
Graduate Catalog

Applied Statistics Graduate Certificate

The Graduate certificate in Applied Statistics program provides training and certification for students and working professionals to gain knowledge in statistics. It is a 15 credit hours program that focuses on the fundamental concepts, application and technology of statistical methods and SAS training.

Admission Requirements

  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a cummulative undergraduate GPA of atleast 3.0
  • MATH 1451 (calculus I) and STAT 3352 (Applied Statistics I) or equivalent

Students with cummulative GPA of less than 3.0 may be admitted conditionally to the program.

Early Entry Admission

The Early Entry Program for a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics is intended to serve as a fast path for completing a baccalaureate degree and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics, condensing what would normally be about five years of study into about four years of study. By accelerating the completion of the baccalaureate degree and the Graduate Certificate, students will jumpstart their careers as professionals and could continue on to a master’s degree. An Early Entry Program for the Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics will make graduate education more accessible and affordable to students interested in pursuing advanced studies in statistics, as well as make them more employable with a specialty certificate.

Early Entry Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate students may apply and be accepted any time after completing 75 hours or more of undergraduate coursework. However, at least 90 hours of undergraduate coursework must have been completed by the time the first graduate course is taken.
  • All applicants must have at least a 3.2 overall GPA at UA Little Rock in order to be considered. Students who have transferred to our program can participate in the Early Entry Program provided their relevant transfer coursework (i.e., courses taken at other institutions that are being used to meet our baccalaureate degree requirements) also meets the 3.2 minimum GPA criteria.
  • All applicants must have taken Calculus I MATH 1451 and Applied Statistics I STAT 3352 or equivalent with a C or higher.
  • All applicants must complete an application and be accepted into the Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics program and Graduate School.
  • All applicants must complete an Early-Entry Program form and be approved for admission by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics graduate coordinator. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Coordinator’s decision is final and cannot be appealed. The Early Entry form must be approved by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Coordinator before the student begins graduate coursework. Failure to obtain prior approval negates the ability to “double count” courses.
  • If, at the end of the student’s baccalaureate degree, a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics student has failed  to meet the Graduate School admission requirement of a 2.7 overall undergraduate GPA, the student will be dismissed from the Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics program.

Program Requirements (15 hours)

Elective Courses (Six hours)

Students must take six hours at the 5000-level or above. Courses must be related to statistics or directly support statistics. Elective courses can also be statistic courses from a specific discipline offered by other departments. The director of the program must approve elective courses for credit toward the graduate certificate in Applied Statistics.

Students who finish the graduate certificate in Applied Statistics and chose to get a master of science in Mathematical Sciences with an emphasis in Applied Statistics can transfer the 15 hours toward the master’s degree program.