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Graduate Catalog 
Graduate Catalog

Health Education and Promotion, M.S.

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The Master of Science in Health Education and Promotion is designed to provide professional educational opportunities to interested students, wellness directors, and health education practitioners including certified health education specialists, researchers, corporate wellness/fitness coordinators, health department personnel, and health management personnel throughout Arkansas and the nation.

These professionals will be employed in a variety of venues, including education settings, healthcare institutions, private health clinics, rehabilitation centers, businesses, fitness and wellness programs, athletic teams, and sports/athletic facilities. Students will have the opportunity to improve their intellectual and professional skills through advanced classroom instruction,  participation in behavioral research, and community service learning activities.

Admission Requirements

The following materials should be submitted to the UALR Graduate School when applying to the program:

  • Undergraduate transcript(s). Applicants are expected to have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university. Students are eligible for regular admission with a GPA of 2.7. Students with a GPA of 2.0 may petition for special conditional admission based on the following criteria. Applicants for special conditional admission must discuss and provide evidence regarding two or more of the following criteria as part of the petition:
    • Amount of time elapsed since the previous degree (5+ years recommended)
    • Professional experience in writing and/or teaching
    • Extraordinary circumstances related to the low GPA
    • Professional accomplishments that demonstrate the applicant’s abilities with respect to time management or focused, intensive study
  • Reference letters. Applicants should obtain two letters of reference from college professors or individuals familiar with their academic work. Applicants should ask each writer of a reference letter to place the letter in an envelope, seal it, and sign across the seal. Applicants should collect the sealed reference letters and forward them to the UALR Graduate School.
  • Letter of intent. Each applicant must submit a letter of intent describing the field or specialty within Health, Human Performance, and Sport Management for which training is sought and describing how the proposed training relates to the student’s career goals. Letters are not to exceed 500 words.

Applicants for admission to the M.S. in Health Education and Promotion program are evaluated on a competitive basis by the faculty, and acceptance is conferred to the most qualified applicants. Fulfilling admission requirements is necessary to be considered for admission but in no way guarantees acceptance into the program. Students may be admitted in one of the admission status categories outlined in the Graduate Catalog.

Application for admission should be received by the UALR Graduate School by March 15 for students anticipating fall matriculation and October 15 for spring matriculation in order to get full consideration for admittance. Applications received after these dates will be considered as long as program openings remain available. Students who do not meet the above requirements for admission may apply for a faculty review of their qualifications.

Early Admission Requirements

Exceptional UA Little Rock undergraduate students may apply and be accepted to select graduate programs and begin working toward their graduate degree while completing their baccalaureate degree. The Early Entry program will allow participating students to combine their undergraduate studies with related graduate-level work. Additionally, it will enable them to complete their graduate degree in a shorter amount of time than the traditional path.

Early Entry Admission Requirements:

  • Undergraduate students may apply and be accepted at any time after completing 75 or more hours of undergraduate coursework. However, at least 90 hours of undergraduate coursework must have been completed by the time the first graduate course is taken.
  • All applicants must have at least a 3.2 overall GPA.
  • All applicants must complete an application for and be accepted into the desired graduate program and the UA Little Rock Graduate School.
  • All applicants must complete an Early Entry Program form and have it approved by the graduate coordinator and the Graduate School. This form must be approved before the student begins graduate coursework. Failure to obtain prior approval negates the ability to “double-count” courses.
  • Specific programs may have more rigorous criteria. The student should contact the desired program to determine these requirements before applying.

Transfer Credit

Subject to faculty approval, a combined maximum of 12 semester credit hours of transfer credit and/or credit taken as a special student may be applied to the degree. Successful completion of coursework taken as a special student does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

Program Requirements

Master of Science in Health Education and Promotion students must complete a total of 36 credit hours.

Graduation Requirements

Students must successfully complete 36 hours of approved courses, a comprehensive exam, and a thesis or project.

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