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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog

Guide to the UALR Graduate School

Ottenheimer Library, 5th Floor, (501) 569-3206, (501) 569-3039 (fax), Website

Vice Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate School:
Dr. Brian Berry
Interim Associate Dean of Graduate School and Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing:
Dr. Karen Kuralt

The UALR Graduate School operates as the central administrative unit providing leadership, coordination, and services for graduate students. Together with the individual graduate programs, departments, colleges, and Graduate Council, the Graduate School shares responsibility for program development, management, promotion, and review. Students are always welcome in the Graduate School offices on the fifth floor of the Ottenheimer Library, where staff members will gladly assist them with any questions or problems. Graduate School admissions staff processes applications, handles enrollment questions, and maintains student records. Graduate School staff also manages the graduate assistantship program, produces academic and promotional materials, assists with recruiting and marketing efforts, prepares research reports from the student database, and provides logistics support for the Graduate Council.The Graduate School also facilitates to the Graduate Student Association (GSA). The GSA advocates for graduate students and sponsors an annual research forum at which graduate students present their scholarly work.


The UA Little Rock Graduate School will offer its students (part time, full time,military, and veterans) a high impact learning experience by creating collaborative relationships to ensure future success. The Graduate School will partner with other units on campus to continually foster an inclusive and family-friendly environment where a diverse student body thrives intellectually, becomes career ready, and is prepared for lifelong success.


The mission of the Graduate School is to provide leadership for developing and sustaining quality graduate programs; to promote graduate education; to facilitate student access to graduate programs; to support and promote public service, research, and sponsored programs; and to support faculty development. In keeping with tThe mission of UA Little Rock Graduate School is to provide a high quality educational experience through a wide range of academic programs. UA Little Rock is a community engaged, research metropolitan university located in the capital city and the largest metropolitan area of the state. Consistent with that mission, UA Little Rock Graduate School serves the needs of a diverse community by preparing our students for career readiness and lifelong success. The Graduate School will accomplish this through:
1. COLLABORATION: To foster community/civil engagements.
2. EDUCATION: To support enhancement and encourage high impact learning through quality education experiences on both the main campus and our online campus through Graduate Certificates, Master’s and Doctoral programs.
3. EFFICIENT SUPPORT STRUCTURE: To offer stream-lined processes to help students including historically marginalized populations succeed, as well as faculty engaged in the graduate programs.
4. SIGNATURE EXPERIENCES: To provide opportunities such as, but not
limited to, research/creative activities, competitions, workshops and social networking events, in collaboration with academic units, to complement the learning experience.he UALR mission, the Graduate School strives to carry out its mission in an environment that enhances freedom of expression, academic integrity, scholarly inquiry, and interactions among the graduate disciplines toward the goal of preparing leaders and responsible citizens. (Adopted by the UALR Graduate Council, 1989)


The UALR Graduate School as a distinct academic and administrative unit was created in 1977, although graduate course work had been offered since 1975. The dean of the Graduate School, who reports to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. No faculty positions are assigned to the Graduate School. The day-to-day operation of individual graduate programs is the responsibility of the graduate coordinators and graduate faculty of the academic departments. The Graduate Council, the academic policy body for the Graduate School, approves admission policy,  program requirements, program reviews, program and course additions and deletions, and graduate faculty.


The specific requirements and policies of each graduate degree program are described in the section of this catalog covering that program and its courses. Because of limited course offerings per semester, a student may be unable to carry a full-time load. It is essential that degree-seeking students maintain close contact with their advisors concerning the availability of course offerings.

A full list of our programs can be found here .