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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [OFFICIAL CATALOG]

What’s New: Graduate Curriculum updates for 2020-2021 Catalog

All Areas

1) Catalog descriptions updated to reflect hours of courses uniformily 

2) Creation of an online graduate programs and certificate page for online campus

College of Arts, Letter, and Sciences

1) Narrative Change: Public History, M.A.

2). Narrative Change: Mathematical Sciences, M.S.

College of Business

1) Addition of BSAD 7385 Business Internship for Fall 2020

2) Prerequisite change to prerequisite/concurrent on MKTG 7311 for Fall 2020

3) Program Change:  Master of Business Administration (all concentrations): Removed requirements BSAD 7100 and BINS 7250.  Replaced requirement with BINS 7350 OR BINS 7309 for Fall 2020

4) Program Name and Course Narrative change: M.S. BIS (Business Information Systems) to M.S. BISA (Business Information Systems and Analytics)

5) Program Name and Course Narrative change: M.S. MIS (Management Information Systems) to M.S. BISA (Business Information Systems and Analytics)

College of Education and Health Professions

1) Program Deletion of AUSP PHD in comm Sciences/Disorders for Spring 2020

2) Program Deletion of AUSP-MS in Speech Pathology for Spring 2020

3) Program Deletion of Audiology and Speech Path - Doctor of Audiology for Spring 2020

4) Narrative Change: Gifted, Creative, and Talented Education, M.Ed.

5) Narrative Change: Social Work, M.S.W

6) Narrative Change: Education, Special Education K-12 Concentration, M.Ed.

7) Program Deletion of Exercise Science, MS

Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology

1) Addition of SYEN 5374 Fluid Mechanics II for Spring 2020

2) Addition of SYEN 5376 Mechanics of Materials II for Fall 2020

3) Catalog edits for ENSS that were missing from the 2018-2019 catalog

4) Catalog Edits for ENSS for 2020-2021 catalog 

5) Title change SYEN 5315 to Dynamics II

6) Prerequisite change SYEN 5371

7) Title Change SYEN 5327 to Acoustics I

8) Prerequitie change SYEN 5326

9) BINF 5445 Prerequsite and course description change

10) Suspended (removed) CPSC 5367 

11) Suspended (removed) CPSC 5384

12) Suspended (removed) CPSC 5377

13) Narrative change Information Science, M.S.

14) Added course CPSC 7385 to catalog and updated description link

15) Narrative Change:Information Science, M.S.

16) Narrative Change: Computer and Information Sciences. All Tracks, Ph.D

17) Narrative Change: Systems Engineering, M.S.

18) Narrative Change Engineering Science and Systems, Ph.D.


College of Social Sciences and Communication

1) Addition of MCOM 5378 Government PR for Spring 2020

2) Addition of MCOM 5372 Sports Journalism for Spring 2020

3) Addition of MCOM 5370 Hip Hop Music and Culture for Spring 2020

4) Addition of MCOM 5377 Public Relations Ethics for Spring 2020

5) Reassigned PSYC courses to College to make available for view

6) Narrative Change Applied Communication Studies, M.A.

7) Narrative Change Mass Communication, M.A.