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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [OFFICIAL CATALOG]

Tuition, Fees, Payments, & Refunds

The following tuition and fee information was subject for approval at the time of publication. For the most accurate and comprehensive tuition and fee information, visit ualr.edu/bursar. Tuition and fee charges for classes that are taken for audit are the same as those for credit classes.

Other fees for seminars and special courses may be charged. All fees are subject to change without notice. All tuition and fees are due at the time of the student’s registration. UA Little Rock accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Students whose tuition checks are returned are subject to administrative withdrawal.

Any student who is an Arkansas resident and has reached the age of 60 years or older by the last day of registration may enroll (on a space-available basis) free of tuition. In such cases, special fees for certain leisure science and music instruction courses are required. Students must provide proof of age to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Tuition (Per Credit Hour)

NOTE: For the most accurate and comprehensive tuition and fee information, visit ualr.edu/bursar.

Arkansas Residents

Per Semester Credit Hour $216.50
College of Business Courses $235.00
Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology (EIT) Courses $235.00


Per Semester Hour $625.00
College of Business/EIT Courses $635.00

Graduate Tuition (Per Credit Hour)

Arkansas Residents

Per Semester Credit Hour $320.00
College of Business/EIT Courses $345.00


Per Semester Hour $725.00
College of Business Courses $740.00

Fees for All Students (Per Credit Hour)

Required Fees

Facilities (excluding Law School) $12.50
General $18.50
Athletic $21.00
Health Services $3.50
Technology Infrastructure $8.00
Application Processing (1st Time Applicant) $40.00
Reapplication Processing (Per reapplication) $15.00
Public Safety Fall & Spring: $30.00
Summer: $15.00
University of Arkansas System Infrastructure $1.35

College Technology Fees

Arts, Letters, and Sciences Courses $12.75
Business Courses $10.00
Education and Health Professions Courses $10.50
Engineering and Information Technology Courses $12.75
Social Sciences and Communications Courses $10.00
Distance Ed Technology $25.00

Special Fees (As Applicable)

Campus ID Card Replacement $15.00
Installment Payment Plan $50.00
International Student Application $40.00
International Student Service (per term) $150.00
International Student Health Insurance (Market Rate) $1,510 per year
Late Installment Payment (per payment) $50.00
Late Registration $100.00
Library Non-student User Circulation per semester-$45.00
per year-$100.00
Optional Individual Math Skills Review $150.00
Insufficient Funds Charge $30.00
Transcript (Official Copy) $8.00

Program Specific Fees

Ph.D. and Ed.D. Degree Graduation Fee $80.00
Thesis Publication Fee $45.00
Dissertation Publication Fee $55.00
Art Studio Materials $12.00
Audiology/Speech Pathology Practicum $20.00
Experimental Learning Fee (per course) $25.00-$60.00
Praxis Testing (Dependent upon subject) $65.00-$90.00
Student Teacher Practicum Supervision In-state: $210.00
Out-of-state: $315.00
Private Applied Instruction  
half-hour lesson (1 credit hour course) $60.00
one hour lesson (2 and 4 credit hour courses) $100.00
Performing Arts Production $12.00
Testing $25.00
Clinical Nursing $30.00
Social Work Placement (per semester) $60.00

Campus Living Fees

General Fees per term
Application Processing $35.00
Security Deposit $100.00
Activity Fee $16.00
Residence Halls  
Laundry Fee $35.00
East Hall Double Bedroom $1,950.00
East Hall Private Bedroom $2,668.00
West Hall Double Bedroom $2,590.00
Four Bedroom Apartment $2,734.00
Two Bedroom Apartment $2,999.00
Summer (per term)  
Four Bedroom Apartment $700.00
Two Bedroom Apartment $750.00

UA Little Rock-owned Rent Houses

Depending on size, furnishings, and condition. $450.00-$800.00

Meal Plans

Residential Plans (per term) $925.00-$1875.00
Commuter Plans (per term) $200.00-$500.00

For the most accurate and comprehensive tuition and fee information, visit the Bursar’s webpage, ualr.edu/bursar.

Parking Fees

Every student who parks a motorized vehicle on the main UA Little Rock campus is required to register that vehicle with the Department of Public Safety and display a parking permit as instructed. There is no fee to register one vehicle. Permits for additional vehicles are $20 annually.

Reserved parking fees are $165.00 annually for twenty-four-hour access. Lot choices are lot #’s 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and the lower level of the parking deck. Reserved parking is available on a first come first served basis. Reserved parking may be arranged at the Department of Public Safety. Students are also allowed to park in the metered lots or UA Little Rock’s parking deck. The fee for parking in the meter lots is $1.00 per hour with a 2-hour time limit, and the fee for the parking deck is $1.00 per exit.


Bursar Office

The Cashier’s Office provides billing, receipting, and cashiering functions for student tuition and fees to assure accurate, timely, and effective service to students, as well as providing receipting and deposit functions for the University departments. We also distribute payroll and accounts payable checks and request and disburse all travel advance checks. You can contact the Cashier’s Office by calling (501) 569-8757 or by emailing cashiers@ualr.edu.

The Student Accounts Office provides student billing, third party sponsorship posting, tuition discounts, and collection processes. You can contact the Student Accounts Office by calling (501) 569-3450 or by emailing studentaccounts@ualr.edu.

Refunds When Withdrawing from UA Little Rock

Students voluntarily withdrawing from UA Little Rock must complete the University Withdrawal Form and have an exit interview with a staff member in the Office of Financial Aid if receiving financial aid. Withdrawal forms are available in the Office of Records and Registration. The last day to officially withdraw from the University without a grade penalty is listed in the Academic Calendar and on the UA Little Rock website. Students who fail to officially withdraw will be reported as having failed the coursework for the semester, and grades of F will appear on their official transcripts. Students who have questions about withdrawing should contact the Office of Records and Registration.


  1. Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal.
  2. An official withdrawal does not penalize or prevent a student from re-enrolling at a future date.

Students who officially withdraw from UA Little Rock (withdrawal from all classes) during a regular fall or spring semester are entitled to a refund of instructional fees in accordance with the following schedule:

Semester 100% 50%
Sixteen-week courses (Fall & Spring) First through the fifth class day Sixth through the tenth class day
Ten to twelve-week courses First through the fifth class day Sixth through the tenth class day
Seven to nine-week courses First through the third class day Fourth through the seventh class day
Five or six-week courses First and second class day Third through the fifth class day
One to four-week courses Prior to start of classes N/A

To avoid charges for a summer term, a registered student must officially withdraw from all classes prior to the first day of classes for that term. Students who reduce their course load by dropping one or more courses may or may not be entitled to a reduction in charges.

Refund schedules for current terms may be found in the UA Little Rock Bursar’s Office.

Tax-Deductible Educational Expenses

The cost of college educational expenses may be deductible on an individual’s federal income tax return if classes are taken:

  • To maintain or improve the skills required in the individual’s trade or business, or required in performing a present job
  • To meet the specific requirements of an employer or the requirements of law for retention of present employment, salary, or status
  • Such that the criteria for the American Opportunity Credit or the Lifetime Learning Credit are met

These credits can be applied to tax returns if the student meets the eligibility requirements.

This section should not be construed as tax advice. Students should consult a tax advisor or contact the local office of the Internal Revenue Service.

Responsibility of Tuition and Fee Payment

By enrolling in classes at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, a student makes a financial commitment to pay the tuition and fee charges associated with that enrollment. Students withdrawing after the stated refund dates remain liable for full tuition and fee charges. Collection costs incurred in the event of delinquency shall be at the expense of the borrower, at a rate not to exceed 33.3% of the balance owed. Although the university accepts payment via student financial aid and third party sponsorship, the responsibility for payment remains with the student. If financial aid is not granted or if third-party sponsors do not pay within a reasonable period, the student will be required to pay the full amount due.