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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [OFFICIAL CATALOG]

Education Minor

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Praxis Exams:

Praxis Core: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics
Praxis Subject Assessment: Principles of Learning and Teaching for appropriate for grade-level licensure
Praxis Subject Assessment: All Content exams required by the Arkansas Department of Education

The Education Minor is required in all programs and should not be confused with other blocks of courses or special minors required in some licensure areas.

Minor (18 hours)

Education Minor Candidates must also complete a content methods course (or course pair) in their content area with a field placement in a K-12 classroom (ARED 4128, ENGL 4103  & ENGL 4202 /RHET 4202 , HIST 4197  & HIST 4397 , HHPS 4379 , IGSC 4101  & IGSC 4301 , LANG 4322 , MATH 4481 , or MUED 4322 ).

Praxis Series Tests

Candidates in all programs must pass several standardized exams mandated by the State of Arkansas, The Praxis Series: Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers, developed by Educational Testing Services, Inc. Successful completion of the Praxis CORE is required for the Education Minor. In order to complete the Education Minor, students must also pass the Praxis Subject Assessment pedagogy exam (Principles of Learning and Teaching) and all required Praxis Subject Assessment content exams within their licensure area. The content exams are required by the State of Arkansas at the time of publication of this catalog but are subject to change. Students who do not pass the exams are ineligible to graduate under an education program degree plan with a minor in education and are ineligible for teaching licensure. In such cases, students may qualify to graduate under another degree plan, although additional coursework may be required.

  • Students should consult an advisor in their licensure content area before registering to take exams.
  • Students must submit completed “Praxis CORE and Praxis Subject Assessment” scores to the School of Education.

Content Components

All programs require the completion of a major in the chosen field and in some cases require additional courses, blocks of courses, or other special minors. When the hours accumulated within a content area, taken together with university core hours, second language hours, and the 18 hours in the Education minor do not total 120 (of which at least 45 are upper-level), students must take additional general electives.

Licensure Area: Art

Students must major in art, completing the following curriculum (64 hours)

Licensure Area: English Language Arts

Students must major in English in keeping with the following curriculum:

Additional English Requirements (12 hours total) to include:

Additional Competencies beyond required English hours (8 hours)

Adolescent Literature (3 hours)

Licensure Area: Music: Vocal/Instrumental

Students must major in music with an emphasis in applied music and meet with the Music Department Chair each semester for advising.

Music Major (59 hours)

  • MUTH 2381 - Music Theory I
  • MUTH 2391 - Music Theory II
  • MUTH 3381 - Music Theory III
  • MUTH 2291 - Aural Skills I
  • MUTH 2292 - Aural Skills II

Music Ensemble (4 hours)

Applied Study (4 hours)

Upper-level Applied Study (4 hours)

Six semesters of MUAP 1000 Recital Attendance

Music Education Emphasis (14 hours)

Six hours of Music electives

Students in the education track are strongly encouraged to take either MUTH 4310 Arranging  or MUTH 4320 Basic Composition  as the theory elective.

Additionally, students are required to take MUHL 3322 Survey of Western Art Music , MUHL 3381 American Music , complete at least two semesters in MUEN 4113 University Concert Choir , and enroll in MUEN 4140 Community Choir  each semester they are enrolled in this emphasis.

Students in the education track are required to demonstrate piano/keyboard proficiency. For students with little or no piano/keyboard background, it may be necessary to take up to 8 hours of piano/keyboard classes MUAP 1214 Piano Class I, MUAP 1244 Voice Class II , 2284 Class Piano III, and 3265 Piano Skills to fulfill this requirement.

Licensure Area: Foreign Language

Students must major in Spanish or French and it is recommended that the student also minor in a field taught in schools. English, Social Studies, and the Arts are common combinations with foreign languages. An official ACTFL-certified Oral Proficiency Interview is required for all students seeking Teacher Licensure in French, German, or Spanish. Certification at the Advanced-low oral proficiency level as defined by ACTFL is required prior to admission to student teaching in a second language. See “Department of World Languages ” for details pertaining to each of the majors in foreign languages.

Second Language Education Block (12 hours)

These courses provide the requirements for the Arkansas ESL endorsement. Any part of the block may be met by demonstration of competency.

Licensure Area: Social Studies – History

History Major (30 hours)

Social Studies Minor (21-30 hours):

If the following courses are not taken for the core, they must be taken as part of the social studies minor:

6 hours of geography, the following are recommended:

Licensure Area: K-12 Physical Education/Health

Students must major in Health, Human Performance & Sport Management, completing the following curriculum:

Licensure Area: Mathematics

Students must earn either a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts in mathematics. See “Department of Mathematics & Statistics ” for details about the BA and BS in Mathematics degrees. Contact an advisor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for details about specific course requirements.

Licensure Area: Biology/Life Sciences

Biology Electives (12 hours to include at least one course in organismal and cellular biology)

Must include 8 hours of freshman chemistry and four hours of organic chemistry

(take sequence one or two).

Geology Major (Bachelor of Science)

4-6 hours of BIOL courses at or above the 2000-level

6 hours from any combination of MATH, CPSC, or STAT courses

  • IGSC 4401 - Integrated Science Methods

Licensure Area: Chemistry

Licensure Area: Physics

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