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Undergraduate Catalog

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The following is a listing of all undergraduate course codes. Click on the four-letter code to review the undergraduate courses within that discipline.

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Note: The subject code for courses previously identified by the SPCH subject code is now identified by the ACOM subject code. All courses taken prior to this change that bear the ACOM code still count toward all Applied communication major and minor requirement

Common Course Numbering System (Starting Catalog 2025-2026)

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock will start using the Common Course Numbering System in the 2025-2026 catalog. 

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Applied Music

Group and Private Lesson

Group Lessons (MUAP)

The following performance classes are recommended for students with little or no formal musical training, who need to learn fundamentals of performance technique and reading music notation:

Courses in Private Lessons (MUPR)

Credits earned on the basis of lesson duration. An upper-level course number implies advanced proficiency in performance technique and repertoire.

MUPR 1xxx
-Minor or elective study, may be repeated for credit

MUPR 2xxx
-First-year principal performance area for music major, 2 semesters. By audition only.

MUPR 3xxx
-Second-year major study, 2 semesters. By passing jury for MUPR 2xxx only.

MUPR 4xxx
-Optional third-year major study, 2 semesters. By passing jury for MUPR 3xxx only (may be repeated for credit).

A one-credit lesson means a 30-minute lesson weekly, and requires a minimum of one hour of daily practice. A two-credit lesson means a 55-minute lesson weekly, and requires a minimum of two hours of daily practice. BA music majors are expected to perform at least once per year in a public recital such as Student Recital Hour.

An applied music fee is charged for all individual instruction. See “Tuition and Fees .” Audition repertoire guidelines are available from the instructor in each performance area, and on the department website.