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Undergraduate Catalog 
Undergraduate Catalog

School of Art and Design

Windgate Center of Art + Design, AD 202 | (501) 916-3182 | ualr.edu/art

Interim Director: Livaudais, Joli,
Associate Professor
Professors: Cates, Kevin
Clifton, Thomas
Assistant Professors: Hood, Emily
Larsen, Lynne
Noiset, Michele
Schoening, Krista
Valentine, Clark
Artist-in-Residence: Martin, Lydia (jewelry & metals)
Gallery Curator: Young, Brian
Assistant Gallery Curator Larson, Nathan
Unit Technician: Napolitano, Julia


The School of Art and Design offers undergraduate instruction leading to a baccalaureate degree in art (BA in Art) with concentrations in art history, studio art, and art education.

The studio art concentration offers the breadth of a liberal arts degree while also providing students with foundational art-making skills and development in a range of studio disciplines. The BA in Art; Art History and Studio Art concentrations require a minor. The Art Education concentration prepares students for licensure to teach art at the kindergarten through secondary school level. The Art Education concentration requires an Education minor.

A baccalaureate degree in fine art (BFA in Art), considered a professional degree, is available to students who are admitted to the program through a review process that includes a portfolio and transcript review, a written statement of goals, and an interview. Entering students pursuing the BFA degree must meet the 3.0 GPA requirement and be declared in a pre-admit status before they apply for full admission status. Students must apply between 60 and 80 credit hours. Transfer student application status will be reviewed on an individual basis. BFA students must maintain a 3.0 GPA or better to remain in the program. For more specific information regarding the review process, go to ualr.edu/art/welcome/bfa-admission.

The BFA in Art has two tracks: fine art (studio art) and applied design. The fine art track offers specialization or emphasis areas in drawing, painting, graphic design, illustration, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. The applied design track offers emphasis areas in furniture & woodworking, metalsmithing & jewelry, and ceramics.

The university is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

General Information

The unit makes available numerous courses in art education, art history, and studio art for students not majoring in art who are interested in art electives. Minors are available in art history, applied design, digital arts, studio art, and, photography. Courses in ceramics, furniture, and woodworking, metalsmithing & jewelry are also offered. Certificate programs are offered in applied design, graphic design, and photography.

To enrich the instructional program, the unit offers continuous exhibits in three galleries in the Windgate Center of Art + Design facility and enjoys a cooperative relationship with the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts.

School Expectations and Policies

  • The undraped human figure is a significant subject within all degrees in the art curriculum.
  • Due to the nature of visual art courses, some courses may have technical requirements specifying the physical capabilities of students. Contact the professor of the course if you have concerns regarding these requirements.
  • The unit adheres to strict safety policies for which all students are held responsible. If you have concerns regarding the policy contact the unit director.
  • Regular attendance is a requirement of all art courses and is enforced by the instructor of record. Refer to course syllabi for specifics.
  • The School of Art and Design, with student approval, occasionally selects outstanding student work to add to its teaching collection.

Academic Advising

Students majoring in or interested in majoring in Art are advised by a unit advisor in the School of Art and Design. Advisors serve both undergraduate and graduate students in the following capacities:

  • New Art Majors and Transfer Students: Contact unit director, Associate Professor Joli Livaudais at jklivaudais@ualr.edu for an initial overview of programs.
  • Current art majors may contact Associate Professor Livaudais for information regarding their advising.

Note: All prospective or current students may also call the unit at (501) 916-3182 for more information.

Transfer Students

Students transferring to UA Little Rock who intend to major in art should contact the unit before enrolling to arrange for advising. Students may be required to take additional hours in areas where deficiencies are noted.

Transfer students must complete at least nine hours of their studio concentration at UA Little Rock. For example, a student who has 15 hours accepted in transfer credit for painting must complete an additional nine hours of painting at UA Little Rock if painting is the studio concentration.

Senior Show for BA in Art/Art Track

During their senior year, BA in Art: Studio Art Track students are required to register for ARST 4397  Capstone in the Visual Arts. As part of the course requirements, students will prepare a group exhibition of their work. The senior show will be scheduled by the gallery curator and must be approved by the student’s capstone instructor.

Senior Show for BFA in Art/Fine Art or Applied Design

BFA students are required to prepare and participate in a group exhibition of their work. The senior show will be scheduled by the gallery curator and must be approved by the student’s emphasis advisor and BFA coordinator. Each student must also give an oral presentation before the faculty. The oral presentation will be scheduled and approved by the BFA coordinator, ARST 4395  faculty of record, and emphasis advisor, and, if appropriate, also by the gallery curator.

Studio Artwork

Students retain copyright to all two-dimensional, three-dimensional, time-based, and electronic artwork created in the School of Art and Design; they grant a non-exclusive license to exhibit, display, reproduce, perform, or adapt these works at the discretion of the faculty. Works left in unit facilities at the end of any semester or summer session may be removed or discarded at the discretion of the faculty.

Senior Portfolio for BFA Majors

As part of a BFA student’s capstone requirements, studio majors will prepare a portfolio of no more than 20 images documenting their senior thesis project and other work, along with a written artist’s statement (minimum one page). Portfolio images are presented in digital format and delivered to the BFA coordinator. This portfolio must be approved by the ARST 4395  faculty of record, the emphasis advisor, and the BFA coordinator. The portfolio will be due one week before the last class day and will become the property of the School of Art and Design.

Senior Paper for BA in Art/Art History Majors

Art history majors in the last semester of their senior year are required to register for ARHA 4397 - Capstone in Art History . As part of the capstone requirements, students will write a senior paper, which will also be given orally. The paper must be approved by the  ARHA 4397  faculty of record, academic advisor, and the art history coordinator. The oral presentation may be in the form of a public lecture, a presentation to a class, or a paper at a scholarly meeting.

Senior Portfolio for Art History Majors

Art history majors enrolled in ARHA 4397  are required to prepare a portfolio of their senior papers and three other papers written for classes while at UA Little Rock. This portfolio must be approved by the major advisor, the ARHA faculty of record, and the art history coordinator. The portfolio will be due one week before the last class day and will become the property of the School of Art and Design.

Teacher Licensure

Contact Assistant Professor Emily Hood in the School of Art and Design about the curriculum.


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