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Undergraduate Catalog 
Undergraduate Catalog

Business Information Systems and Analytics

The Business Information Systems and Analytics program provides you with technical, business, and interpersonal competencies necessary for success in the information technology (IT) and business analytics career fields. You are prepared to use computer technologies effectively to meet organizational objectives, to speak the language of business and translate needs into technological solutions, and to make effective and efficient decisions using data. Graduates hold positions such as IT manager, business and systems analyst, application developer, database developer and administrator, network specialist and administrator, security specialist, and project manager, to name a few.

The undergraduate program helps you integrate technical skill development with business competencies necessary to ensure efficient and effective business applications in a rapidly evolving global environment. The skills you develop in communication, teaming, and problem-solving make you an invaluable asset as an IT professional. The business analytics program components will prepare you to make effective and efficient decisions using data and thus help you differentiate your IT skillset. Our master’s program allows you to further develop strategic and tactical skills for the management of value-based IT systems that support the strategy and processes of an organization.

All Business Information Systems degrees are classified as STEM.

BBA in Business Information Systems, BBA in Business Analytics, minor in Business Information Systems, and Certificate of Proficiency in Business Analytics may be completed on campus or fully online. Graduate programs are completed on campus or via Zoom.

General Information

All majors in the program are required to achieve a grade of C or greater in all courses required in their major; all majors must also complete all required minor courses with a 2.0 overall GPA; all non-business majors completing a minor within the program are required to achieve a grade of C or greater in all courses transferred to or taken at UA Little Rock in order to fulfill course requirements in the minor block of courses.

Graduation Requirement - Experiential Learning Activity

A high-impact experiential learning activity, such as an internship, competition, or industry-based project, is required for graduation from the Business Analytics, BBA, and Business Information Systems, BBA programs.

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics major is an interdisciplinary degree that prepares graduates to use evidence-based data to make decisions and improve organizational effectiveness. The program focuses on the development of a highly demanded combination of technical and decision-making skills for big-data occupations across many industries, including business analyst, marketing manager, IT project manager, operations analyst, or financial analyst.

The Undergraduate Certificate of Proficiency in Business Analytics allows graduates to differentiate career preparation through the application of technical and analytical skills to decision making in their chosen fields of business.

Business Information Systems Program Objectives

Students completing the BIS degree should be able to:

  • Display critical thinking skills
  • Apply technical skills and knowledge of technologies to business issues.
  • Demonstrate competence in applying functional business knowledge.
  • Solve real-world and/or simulated business problems.
  • Display a global perspective and an understanding of cultural issues.
  • Have an ethical perspective and behave ethically.
  • Exhibit effective oral and written communication skills.


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