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Undergraduate Catalog 
Undergraduate Catalog

School of Physical Sciences

Engineering and Applied Science Building, Room 300P | (501) 916-3070 | ualr.edu/physicalsciences

The School of Physical Sciences is composed of the Geology, Chemistry, and Physics programs. The school fosters interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary studies in fields such as Materials Science, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biomaterials, Astrophysics, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Geoinformatics, Mineralogy, and Oceanography just to name a few. Students develop essential skills including analytical and critical thinking, competency in the philosophy and methods of science, as well as hands-on experience through laboratory courses, applied research, internships, and field experiences. The School offers several undergraduate and graduate programs ranging from certificate and bachelor degrees up to master’s and doctoral degrees. Our programs prepare students for graduate, post-graduate, or professional programs and for careers in the private sector, academia, research centers, government service, and secondary education.

The School of Physical Sciences houses the Physics program in ETAS Building 300, the Geology program in ETAS Building 329, and the Chemistry program in Science Lab Building 451. The main office of the School is located in ETAS-300.

Interim Director Karabacak, Tansel - Professor

Al-Shukri, Haydar – Professor

Hall, Tony A – Associate Professor

Guisbiers, Gregory – Assistant Professor

Nichols, John – Assistant Professor

Blanton, Miles – Advanced Instructor


McMillan, Margaret (Beth) E. - Professor

Connelly, Jeffrey B. – Professor

DeAngelis, Michael T. – Associate Professor

Ruhl, Laura S. – Associate Professor

Shroat-Lewis, René A. – Associate Professor

Spinler, Joshua C. – Advanced Instructor


Ghosh, Anindya – Professor

Darsey, Jerome (Jerry) A. – Professor

Belford, Robert (Bob) E. – Professor

Hudson, M. Keith – Professor

Zhao, Wei – Professor

Berry, Brian – Professor

Siraj, Noureen – Associate Professor

Baillie, Mark – Assistant Professor

Walker, Brian L. – Assistant Professor

Kattoum, Ronia – Advanced Instructor

Rivero, Juliette - Instructor


    Bachelor of Arts
    Bachelor of ScienceMinorCertificate of Proficiency