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Undergraduate Catalog 
Undergraduate Catalog

English, B.A.

General: 120 minimum total hours, including 45 hours of upper-level courses (3000-4000 level), and 30 hours in residence

First-Year Colloquium (0-3 hours)

Required of full-time freshmen entering college for the first time and transfer students with less than 12 hours of credit. (See First-Year Experience Courses .)

University Core (35 hours)

(See General Education Requirements .)


Program Foundation Courses

American Literature Requirement (6 hours):

Diverse Perspectives Requirement (3 hours) Select One:

Required ENGL Elective Courses (14 hours)

At least 14 hours of English elective credit. At least 11 hours must be upper-level courses (3000 and 4000). Up to but no more than six hours of elective credit may be applied from: 

Second Language Requirement

6-7 hours of study in a Second Language, 6 hours must be in the same language. Students who have a previous background in a language may take a placement test and then enroll in the appropriate level to begin the 6 hours. Computer Programming language may count for this requirement, in which case, 7 hours is required:




  • Completion of an individually designed Secondary Concentration outside of the student’s major program (minimum of 15 hours, of which at least 6 must be upper-level). The Secondary Concentration is proposed by the student in writing to the student’s major advisor along with a statement of explanation. The advisor and the department chairperson will evaluate the proposal and must approve it before it can become official. The Secondary Concentration should be organized in a coherent fashion and could include courses from any relevant program outside of the student’s major program (note that some courses have pre-requisites, co-requisites, or other restrictions).

Unrestricted General Electives

Remaining hours, if any, to reach 120 minimum total hours, 45 hours of upper-level courses (3000-4000 level), and/or 30 hours in residence.