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Undergraduate Catalog 
Undergraduate Catalog

English, English Education Track, B.A.

Note: Students in the Education Track must select the Education Minor.

General: 120 minimum total hours, including 45 hours of upper-level courses (3000-4000 level), and 30 hours in residence

First-Year Colloquium (0-3 hours)

Required of full-time freshmen entering college for the first time and transfer students with less than 12 hours of credit

University Core (35 hours)

(See “General Education Requirements.”)


Program Foundation Courses

American Literature Requirement (6 hours):

Diverse Perspectives Requirement (3 hours) Select One:

English Teaching Foundation Courses (6 hours)

English Language Arts Electives: Literature, Media, and Methods (9 hours)

These courses build content knowledge and critical skills in engaging diverse texts. Students build skill in reading literature and informational texts, understanding varied technologies and mediums, academic writing and understanding strategies in composing texts, understanding the performative and political aspects of ELA content. 

Second Language Requirement

6-7 hours of study in a Second Language, 6 hours must be in the same language. Students who have a previous background in a language may take a placement test and then enroll in the appropriate level to begin the 6 hours. Computer Programming language may count for this requirement, in which case, 7 hours is required:

Education Minor

NOTE: Education Minor Candidates must also complete a content methods course (or course pair) in their content area with a field placement in a K-12 classroom.

Unrestricted General Electives

Remaining hours, if any, to reach 120 minimum total hours, 45 hours of upper-level courses (3000-4000 level), and/or 30 hours in residence.