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Undergraduate Catalog 
Undergraduate Catalog

Department of History

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Chairperson: Key, Barclay, Associate Professor
Professors: Anson, Edward M.
Baldwin, Deborah J.
Kirk, John A.
Lewis, Johanna Miller
Mann, Kristin Dutcher
Associate Professors: Heil, Michael
Romney, Charles
Ross, James
Assistant Professors:

Amstutz, Andrew
Baylis, David
Marvin, Nathan
Yeaw, Katrina

The History Department program is designed to implement the following objectives:

  • to confer transferable skills to aid undergraduate majors and graduates in gaining employment,
  • to engage with the wider community to promote awareness of public history,
  • to prepare undergraduate majors for advanced training in history,
  • to train students to teach in secondary schools, and
  • to provide instruction for the University’s Core Courses in History (HIST) curriculum program.

The History Department is committed to the ongoing process of assessing the effectiveness of our programs and courses.

General Information

Major in History

The history major must complete Core Requirements (35 hours) and 36 credit hours of history, including HIST 1311 , HIST 1312 , HIST 2311 , HIST 2312 , and at least 24 hours of upper-level history courses which must include HIST 4309 . All students who are history majors must have C or greater in HIST 1311 , HIST 1312 , HIST 2311 , HIST 2312 , or equivalent courses. The program must include at least six upper-level hours of United States history and at least six upper-level hours of non-United States history. 

The History major also requires a minor. All students are advised to take HIST 1311  and HIST 1312  before taking upper-level courses in world history and HIST 2311  and HIST 2312  before taking upper-level courses in American history.

Beyond Bachelor’s Degree

Students preparing for advanced work History, B.A.  should seek specific advising from a member of the department at their earliest opportunity.

Minor in History

A minor in history requires 18 hours, including 6 hours from HIST 1311 HIST 1312 HIST 2311  and HIST 2312  in addition to 12 hours of upper-level history courses.

Teacher Licensure (Minor in Education)

See “Education Minor and Teacher Licensure ” for details or consult the History Department website at

History Honors Program

To graduate with Honors from the History Department, a student must have a 3.25 overall grade point average and a 3.5 in History courses. Honors students must also attain second language proficiency (0-9 hours) through completion of 2000-level second language course or demonstration of equivalent proficiency. Honors  students must complete a research paper in conjuction with an upper-level history, or complete a thesis by taking the Honors Thesis course (HIST 4322 ) that involves individual work with a faculty member. The Honors Thesis course is worth 3 credit hours and will count as part of the 36-hour requirement for the History Major


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