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Undergraduate Catalog 
Undergraduate Catalog

Donaghey College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Admissions Information for Majors Academic Advising
Information for Minors University Core Requirements
Teacher Preparation for Undergraduate Students (Minor in Education) Center and Public Service Unit
Pre-Professional Studies and Careers Academic Schools and Departments

EIT, Room 621 | (501) 916-3333 | (501) 916-3002 (fax) | ualr.edu/cstem

Interim Dean Jeffrey Connelly, Professor
Associate Dean Anindya Ghosh, Professor
Interim Associate Dean  Annie Childers, Associate Professor
Finance Director Lana Swope
Assistant Finance Director Tonya Bell
Institutional Assistant Javon Fells
Senior Research Assistant Brian Butler
Director of Student Services Erin Flowers
Academic Advisor Carla Griffin
Academic Advisor Alisha Harris
Academic Advisor Louis Scivally
Student Support Specialist Jennifer McClane

The Donaghey College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (DCSTEM) is committed to providing the STEM workforce that will build Arkansas’ future, and to developing a quality faculty that can contribute both to our overall educational needs and to the intellectual base of the state. To accomplish these goals, DCSTEM provides the necessary intellectual basis for students to be successful and provides its faculty with the facilities and resources to make major contributions to our state. We work closely with UAMS and other educational institutions in the state and enhance our resources through the acquisition of external funds from federal agencies, private foundations, and other private enterprises.

Outreach to the community includes partnering with high schools across the state for in-school activities and summer programs held on the UA Little Rock campus. Specific emphasis is on partnerships with local and regional industries, including an extensive internship program, company-sponsored senior design projects, and advisory council participation that provides direct external input into DCSTEM curricula.

DSTEM strives to be the college of choice for students from the state who are interested in a STEM-based education; to have a faculty that is admired and respected regionally, nationally, and internationally; and to be the institution that area employers turn to for new employees and intellectual support for their growth strategies.

Admissions Information for Majors

For admission to most majors within the college, students must meet or exceed eligibility requirements to enroll in RHET 1311 - Composition I. Students should check the admission requirements for their program of interest as most majors in the college have additional requirements for admission.   


Undergraduate students have the option to declare a minor program of study in addition to their major.

Students must contact their advisor within the department or college of their major to request a minor declaration. Please refer to the “Contact” page for advisor contact information.

Teacher Preparation for Undergraduate Students (Minor in Education)

Students interested in teaching in public schools in Arkansas must be licensed by the state in a state-approved subject area. All programs require the completion of a major in the chosen field, an Education Minor , and in some cases require additional courses or blocks of courses. When the hours accumulated within a content area, taken together with university core hours, second language hours, and 18 hours in the Education minor do not total 120 (of which at least 45 are upper-level), students must take additional general electives.

Licensure Areas (Select a Major Below):

  • Biology
  • Chemistry 
  • Mathematics 
  • Physics 

Pre-Professional Studies:

Students interested in pursuing careers in the following disciplines who are new freshmen or transfer students with less than 45 credit hours are advised by professional advisors in their respective departments.

  • Pre-Medical
  • Pre-Dental
  • Pre-Vet
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Physician’s Assistant
  • Pre-Optometry
  • Pre-Occupational and Physical Therapy

Students who have reached approximately 45 hours will be advised by the Pre-Professional Advisor in the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Keep in mind, all professional schools in the health field have a different set of requirements, but all institutions require a combination of chemistry, physics, and biology courses. This includes completing core courses early in the student’s academic career in order to graduate in four years.

Consequently, students should be advised of pre-professional disciplines in their freshman year.

Academic Advising

All degree-seeking undergraduate students must be advised each semester before registering for classes.

Freshmen: New freshmen are advised as part of orientation. Watch ualr.edu/newstudents for details about orientation. 

New Transfer Students: The DC STEM Director of Student Services (Erin Flowers: eeflowers@ualr.edu) will contact you to make an advising appointment.  

Current Students and Undeclared Majors: If you’re a current Trojan and have taken classes for at least one semester, you can locate your advisor in BOSS.

University Core Requirements (35 hours) 

Standard Core (35 hours)

All Courses are approved by the Core Council. See “General Core Requirements.”

Center and Public Service Unit

Donaghey College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Programs

Department of Biology


•  Biology Minor

•  Biology, Clinical Biology Concentration, B.S.

•  Biology, Ecology & Organismal Concentration, B.S.

•  Biology, Education Track, B.S.

•  Biology, General Biology Concentration, B.S.

•  Biology, Molecular Biotechnology Concentration, B.S.

Department of Computer Science


•  Advanced Software Development

•  Computer Science Minor

•  Computer Science, A.S.

•  Computer Science, B.S.

•  Computer Science, Certificate of Proficiency

•  Computer Science, GAME, B.S.

•  Cybersecurity Advanced Technical Certificate

•  Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate of Proficiency

•  Cybersecurity, B.S.

Department of Construction Management & Civil and Construction Engineering


•  Civil and Construction Engineering, B.S.

•  Construction Concentration, B.P.S.

•  Construction Level I Certificate of Proficiency

•  Construction Level II Certificate of Proficiency

•  Construction Management Minor

•  Construction Management, B.S.

•  Construction Management, B.S. to M.S.

•  Construction Science, A.S.

Department of Information Science


•  Bioinformatics Minor

•  Information Science, B.S.

•  Information Science, B.S. to Information Quality, M.S.

•  Information Science, B.S. to M.S.

•  Information Technology Minor

•  Web Design & Development, B.A.

Department of Mathematics & Statistics


•  Actuarial Science Minor

•  Applied Statistics, Bachelor’s Degree to Graduate Certificate

•  Mathematics Education, B.A.

•  Mathematics Education, B.S.

•  Mathematics Minor

•  Mathematics, B.A.

•  Mathematics, B.A. to M.S.

•  Mathematics, B.S.

•  Mathematics, B.S. to M.S.

•  Statistics Minor

School of Engineering and Engineering Technology 

Engineering Technology


•  Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Minor

•  Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology, A.E.T.

•  Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology, A.E.T./B.S.

•  Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology, B.S.

•  Engineering Technology Minor

•  Mechanical Engineering Technology, A.E.T.

•  Mechanical Engineering Technology, A.E.T./B.S.

•  Mechanical Engineering Technology, B.S.

Systems Engineering


•  Electrical and Computer Engineering, B.S.

•  Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, B.S. to Systems Engineering for Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, M.S.

•  Mechanical Engineering, B.S.

•  Mechanical Engineering, B.S. to M.S.

School of Physical Sciences 



•  Chemical Technician

•  Chemistry Minor

•  Chemistry, B.A.

•  Chemistry, B.S.

•  Chemistry, Education Track, B.A.

Earth Sciences


•  Environmental Geology Minor

•  Geology Minor

•  Geology, B.S.

•  Geology, Environmental Geology Concentration, B.S.

Physics & Astronomy


•  Astronomy Minor

•  Physics Minor

•  Physics, B.A.

•  Physics, B.S.